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Gina & Sean

Gina Ferrentino and Sean Reagan are high school sweethearts who have been best friends since they started dating in 2004. After a brief hiatus in college, they got back together when Gina moved back to Buffalo from Columbus, Ohio and they have been going strong ever since. Their families are very close and celebrate all the holidays together. Sean proposed on July 4th, 2015 in front of a big group of their closest friends and family at their favorite place on the lake in Angola. They will be getting married September 17th, 2016 at Brierwood Country Club and are expecting about 200 guests. The couple plans to honeymoon in Aruba in late September.

Nicole & Zach

The way Zach proposed swept me off my feet, literally. I am bikini competitor and during a show last May, Zach pulled me back to center stage as I was walking off. He was holding a microphone and proceeded to tell me how proud he was of me and that I was the love of his life. Then he pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! Our exit from the stage was just as eventful; he picked me up and put me on his shoulder. We even received a standing ovation! Much deserved on Zach’s behalf! I couldn’t be more excited to marry him!
— Nicole & Zach are getting married on July 30th, 2016

Shaheen & jonathAn

We have no memory of our first meeting. The only thing that stands out in my mind is Jonathan’s three-legged dog, Minnie.

The next almost encounter occurred the summer after our high school graduation. I sat in the car outside Jonathan’s graduation party, while my parents attended the celebration. Jonathan remembers a girl walking into his backyard to ask her parents if they were ready to leave. They say timing is everything.

Years later, we worked together at Camp Arrowhead in Pittsford. I am quite certain I had pigtails, a tie dyed tee, and Birkenstocks on that day. Jonathan wore a flat brim, Utica baseball shirt, and Air Max’s. He asked the troop leader to be my co-counselor that day. They say opposites attract.

Michael, our other co-counselor, (not-so-sneakily) acquired my number for Jonathan. That night we went out to a Rusted Root concert in downtown Rochester. Enroute to the concert, Ashley, Jonathan’s sister, called. “Our mom’s were roommates in college.” They say that it is a small world.
We have now been dating for almost seven years. In that time we have worked through long distance, family illnesses, two Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, new careers, and living in NYC. They say what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.
This past summer we vacationed in St. Martin. I was hopeful, but for the most part, unaware of Jonathan’s plans to propose. We spent that day next to a nude beach on the French side of the island. After jet skiing, buckets of Coronas, sun bathing, hair braiding, and yes, taking my top off in the ocean, we returned to the timeshare. “Let’s push through and go see the sunset,” he said. Jonathan never “pushes through.” I call him the man of no mystery.
We drove to a beach where someone had suggested to Jonathan that there would be a spectacular sunset. “What was the name of the beach again?” I asked. “Dawn Beach.” Dawn is when the sun rises.
We went down to the empty beach anyway. A girl and her mother offered to take our picture. He tried to distract me, so that he could warn the girl of his plan, but I couldn’t pretend that there was a sunset, or boats, or anything else he tried to suggest was out on the ocean. I turned around and there he was, smiling on one knee. The girl and her mother squealed with surprise in the background. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
— Shaheen & Jonathan are getting married on July 30th, 2016