Buffalo's premiere, made-to-order floral design studio, Buds & Blooms features arrangements created from the most vibrant and spectacular locally- and internationally-grown flowers available.

Delaney eats, sleeps
& dreams in a world of flowers.
Always has, & probably always will...

Delaney was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario to two extremely supportive & influential parents. "Their success & drive pushes me to this day - you always strive to make your parents proud, and what better way then to follow in their footsteps in hopes of being a successful business owner." Delaney has an older brother John, and a younger sister Gretchen. And through laughs admits she "...totally has middle child syndrome!" Delaney graduated with a double major in Communications and Marketing with a concentration in Public Relations.

Delaney's influences come from traveling, connecting with people, and collecting souvenirs and memories from life's experiences. Growing up she recalls her two floral  influences "...I had two floral influences growing up ... my Aunt Mary & my mom. My Aunt Mary welcomed me into her world of horse shows and I have fond memories of picking out which flowers we were going to bring to our dressage horse shows to put on the table outside of the horses stall. This solidified that flowers are always appropriate. Aunt Mary's dining room often smelled of freshly bloomed lilies, and to this day when I smell a bloomed lily I am instantly transported lovingly back to her Toronto home. My summers consisted of Camp Wenonah and the cottage in Muskoka, Ontario ... Here I collected and analyzed all the wild flowers I could get my hands on. I was fascinated with the beauty of flowers & loved to spend hours mismatching different colors, shapes, and blooms. My memories of my mom and her influence on me become clear when I reflect on my mothers wish list for every Mother's Day, every anniversary, every birthday ... Flowers. Flowers for the house. Flowers for the backyard. Flowers for the front porch. It was and still is always ... Flowers. I absolutely adore this about her."  

In September of 2015 with the support, cheers, and love from her family and friends - Delaney opened Buds & Blooms Floral Studio! "Buds & Blooms happened so organically - I had expressed this idea to my closest friends and family as just a dream. They all believed in me and my passion for designing and flowers but the real catalyst was a friend who was getting married in September and asked me to floral design for her dream wedding. This dream wedding reinforced my dream, and from there Buds & Blooms Floral Studio was born."

Currently operating as a Special event and Wedding Studio in Buffalo, you can make an appointment to stop by and chat blooms with her.

Photo by City Lights Studio Photography

Photo by City Lights Studio Photography

Brittany, Delaney & their Great Dane - Friedrich!