Buds & Blooms offers full service floral design for weddings and events. Each event is based on seasonal varieties, palette, and creative collaboration between the Buds & Blooms team and our amazing clients.

Wedding floral investments range in price depending on scale and vision, typically beginning at $1850, and averaging from $2500 and upward. 

Our team is always on site for the execution of your event, and our services cover full installation and teardown.



Buds & Blooms Philosophy

What inspires you?  Is it the scent of a particular flower?  The wallpaper in your living room, the memories of places travelled, the vintage dress you bought at a flea market? These things that inspire you do so because of the certain feelings they evoke. Buds & Blooms' goal is to take what inspires you and infuse it, whether indirectly or directly, into your event.

At Buds & Blooms we specialize in floral design ... attention to quality and detail, we combine colors, shapes, textures, patterns and innovative containers to make your event truly memorable.  Event decor & floral design is not just about flowers ... it is about creating an atmosphere. The entire planning process is about designing a personal look…something custom created with details that reflect your distinctive style.  It is about what you want to do and what you want your guests to feel so don’t be shy with your ideas! 

Every event paints a picture, evokes an emotion, tells a story…we are here to co-create a customized, personal event that truly reflects YOU!  Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a baby shower or an intimate dinner party with friends, Buds & Blooms' goal is to take your vision and make it more captivating than you ever imagined!